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Friday, June 21, 2019

Opportunity Meets Passion- the Skilling of Four Library Para-professionals: A Remark Delivered at the Graduation Ceremony of Elizade University Library’s Bindery Staff by the Library Coordinator

It has been eight weeks of intensive training for these four colleagues, gentlemen and lady, learning the art and practice of what could be called book making but essentially repairs; what is popularly called bindery. I am most excited and grateful to be involved in this life-changing experience these dutiful members of Library staff have had. Suffice it to say none of them or even anyone here could have figured out the possibility of these trainees picking up this technical skill at this stage of their lives. I am grateful to God for letting me and the management of Elizade University play roles.
The former Ag. Librarian, Mrs. O. A Oke, had mused the idea of a ‘mini bindery’ for the Library. On assuming the leadership of the Library as Coordinator upon her retirement, we vigorously considered the idea and pursued it with courage coloured by grace. Grace because, one, the management obliged, and two, I had a meeting at Adeleke University a month or so into my role. Going round their library, behold a ‘mini’ bindery; and two of them at that because they had a separate one for their Law Library. I was just agog to ask, how did you do it? They said a man..., and that was how we called in Mr. Jolaoye. The product is what you are all seeing today.
I have thus learnt that when the right environment is created, people can aspire and achieve success. 
While we were thinking of how to get a binder to man the equipment, Mr. Jolaoye’s proposal had training (apprenticeship) component embedded in it. This looked funny and not achievable, training people on the job for 8- weeks? Some of us thought they will never master it within the period. But he reassured me. And b the time his reassurance was met with great zeal by nominated staff and those who nominated themselves we were already winning a glorious victory of endowing our colleagues with new technical skills.

Essentially, three factors played themselves out here: the University administration provided the environment, the Library management gave the opportunity and the staffers received it with passion. Today, it is cheering to report that these bindery novices of eight weeks ago are now being certified as bindery experts. Thanks to the fourth factor, their trainer, Mr. Jolaoye, who dispassionately poured out himself and everything bindery into them. He is such an amiable old man with a physique betraying his age. I will not be surprised if the apprentice and the entire library staff miss him dearly after today; he quite blended into the library family.
My advice for the apprentices, the graduating binder woman and men, is that they should repay the investment of the University with honest service and devotion. I congratulate you much as I do myself for playing a role in rewriting your stories and the story and revenue base of Elizade University.
I will thus close this remark with gratitude to the EU management team and other colleagues in the Library who took up the Library tasks that were left by these people during the training period. Above all, I give glory to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for making this ideal a reality.
Thank you and see you at the Top!

Adegbilero-Iwari, Idowu
Thursday, January 31, 2019

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