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Friday, June 19, 2015

We All Came- A Poem

As we go, I wish to submit here the poem I rendered tonight at the farewell dinner.

We All Came!
From the rising of the Sun
To the place of her rest
North to South from all nations 
     suburb the Sahara
We all came to the root of our clan

The South of Africa down beneath
The land of hue in rainbow shade
The pride of our clan we all acclaim
And we dwelt in the land Pretorious once abode

To learn at the staple of wisdom
Wisdom from those that know
Who can fill the holes
In precious souls that crave to know
The learning of the calling of morrow

For his eyes that see beyond the now
For his love to groom the trees
That will make the forest of what to come
In the future that knocks with a cry
Cry of a want of men of might

But for the help that came from North
Upon the thought of one but a man
Bothman whose dream has born a race
Of men to take the race
To heights beyond their mace
Raring to go and grow in grace
But till then, We All Came, we saw,
       and are set to sail.

Composed by Adegbilero-Iwari, Idowu on June 18, 2015; and dedicated to everyone involved in putting up the Carnegie CPD programme. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

CPD Last Days

It's been an awesome experience participating in this programme. It is for me a demonstration of the grace of God, for which I am profoundly grateful.These last days has been tremendous beginning at Monday, 15th June with Leadership and Innovation which was practically and well taken by Prof Ann-Louise de Boer. The various tests and field practice after lunch remain an important training I have been privileged to receive in life. Integrating the HBDI into leadership is one dynamism Prof Bothma and team has built into the Carnegie CPD training to make the next generation of African librarian a whole professional and total man lacking in neither skill nor human and material management.The June 16 interlude celebrated as National Youth Day in honour of Hector Pieterson and other school children who lost their lives to the famous 1976 Soweto Uprising; one would think would make a break, but never to be. Thanks to the assignment that came to my knowledge second day in Pretoria courtesy the erudite and "Mummily" Dr. Marlene Holmner herself. You can't believe I didn't step out of Protea hotel Manor, barely left my room for some consultation and cross fertilization of ideas some doors away. In fact, don't laugh at this, I DIDN'T shower that day, so cold...Now, action resumed on wednesday. VRE with Dr Pienar, van Wyk and Isak was already waiting to carry into a new realm of knowing. Stepping into the universe of HubZero, courtesy, University of Purdue, I can now do my wiki, blog and all those stuffs, even social things there with fellow researchers. I could here Lillian Akakwansa, that beautiful lady from Uganda, lamenting why they have not introduced us to this sweet platform since May when we came.Well, my group assignment is waiting, presentation on Friday, I have gotta go to face it squarely...Bye for now