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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Gmail Redesigned: You can now Snooze Your Emails and do more in the All New Gmail

Google is at it again. And if you think, with the advent of Whatsapp and co, that the days of emails are gone you may need to review your thought with the interesting features of the all new Gmail. It is a makeover of sort for Gmail. Google announced a major face-lift to its Gmail line today, April 25, 2018, with the changes to be rolled out across the world with immediate effect. To switch to the new Gmail, just go to the gear icon on the top-right corner and click "Try the new Gmail". But before then, what makes the new Gmail so attractive? Some of the new added features are itemised below:
1. Snooze your email: with this feature you are able to push an important email you don't want to forget reading to a later time in the day that it will come around again for you to read it. To snooze, simply hover over a message and click on the clock icon. That's fun right?
2. Nudging: unlike snoozing that you setup manually and personally, Google automatically nudges email by reminding you through bright-colored text if you will like to reply a message. Nudging also allows emails identified as important, 3 per day, to be pushed up in your inbox.
3. Confidential mode: improved security and safety have been enhanced in the new gmail with the confidential mode setting. In this mode, you can set your messages to disappear at a preset time within hours to up to 5years. And you can also set your emails to be read through passworded authentications. This is an email-specific feature which you can setup per message by clicking the lock icon at the bottom of an email to turn on its Confidential Mode. Emails sent in this mode can not be forwarded, copied, or printed by the recipient; and they are usually opened in new Window.
4. Download attachments without reading the message: your Inbox is enhanced to do this.
Others are anti-phishing enhancements and One-tap unsubscribe prompt from ads and other bulk email lists or newsletters. And that's not to mention the smart replies in the mobile version and the new side panel that guarantees access to tasks and calendar.
Google has leveraged AI to give the Gmail its more productivity features and security.