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Friday, June 19, 2020

Mendeley MS Word Plugin Not Working: See How to Fix it

Idowu Adegbilero-Iwari

Normally, the Mendeley MS Word plugin should be seen in Word especially within the Reference tab when successfully installed. See picture below:

However, it doesn't work like this for every computer all the times. Kindly follow the steps below to fix the issue if you are currently experiencing it. 
Note: Kindly ensure that the MS Word Plugin is successfully installed. Go to Tools in the Mendeley Deskstop app to confirm this. When you see Uninstall MS Word Plugin, it means the plugin is successfully installed and you are good to go.

Steps to Follow to Fix the Non-Showing of the MS Word Plugin:

1. Open MS Word, then go to File and select Options at the bottom left of the File menu as as shown below: 

2. From Options, click on Add-ins, then Manage and click the arrow to show other menus in Manage and Choose Word Add-ins, then click Go....
At  this stage, you will see all your Add-ins and they will be marked or checked Check Mark Icon. Vector Checkmark Button. Tick Symbol Stock Vector ...if working well. Mendeley would not show or not be checked.

3. Select Add, then choose Local disc from the corresponding pop up, double-click on Program files or Program Files 86 depending on your OS, look for the Mendeley Desktop folder, double-click and double-click the Word Plugin folder, Select the only file inside and Click OK.

Check back References in MS Word and Mendeley MS Word Plugin will be right there.

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