Idowu Adegbilero-Iwari on ResearchGate


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Nigeria, Thee I Hail

 Nigeria I hail thee
Great nation, noble land
Great people, gallant minds
Great God, the Father of all

Thou art blessed, oh nation!
Thy vast land, thy glory
The endless resources of the greatest worth
These are thy richly crowns

Thy abundant human resources thy pride
Swarming thy soil like bee the hive
In tongue, though they differ, in tone one they art
In thy children, the nations art blessed

Thy geography is great, thy location perfect
In Africa, though biggest, the head thou art
In the world, a force; yea, a voice thou art
Nigeria, thee I love, Nigeria, my pride thou art

Thy many tribes thy colour
Thy various tongues thy crown
North and south home thou art
East and west, nay, a stranger never thou art

Forbid me if I talk of thy different people
Thy unity in diversity still will I praise
Farther a thought is thy various nations
All I see is the one, virile Nation, Nigeria thee I hail!