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Thursday, May 28, 2015

My First Handson Encounter With Digital Publishing: Just a CPD Training Sketch

Publishing in digital era
A review
Table of contents
Introduction to Digital Publishing
Traditional publishing has hitherto held sway. With the invention of printing machine by Johannes Gautenberg and paper by Tsai Lun the multiplication of published human knowledge and ideas have since changed.
And paper by Tsai Lun, circulation of human ideas and knowledge have since been taken to a new height. Rather than hand copying into multiple copies done in the Monastries in earlier times, many copies of a book or publication can be produced instantaneously.
This has been the practice before the computer technology era that we are sets in. With the computer revolution comes information overload.
We can now expect the Internet era to do so much more. It has even been said that anytime you type something on facebook you are publishing

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