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Sunday, May 24, 2015

CarnegieCPD Four: Introduction Done

Ahead of the very busy training month, an introductory session titled Click Up training and logistics was held today at the Tswelopele Room of the IT building, University of Pretoria. Dr Marlene Holmer through the programme content after a lengthy but fantastic self introduction by each of the trainees from Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and the host country, South Africa. It became obvious the trainees have great expectations of the programme.
After that, trainees were connected to the UP guest wifi for internet access and instructions on the use of the learning system (Blackboard) domesticated as ClickUp. Group assignment was also given and advice to download some mobile apps. This signals, work has started!
But we really had to walk round the university campus so as to gain entrance through the main gate just because we don't have our cards yet.
Just about what I can say happened today, Sunday, 24th May, 2015.

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