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Thursday, August 31, 2017


You came so hard with forces so ferocious
In a manner we rarely see, you stormed Texas
With shivers you put Louisiana on edge
You ravaged Houston, flooded the streets and blasted her flora

The rampant storm that rendered the houses rustling
And the people homeless, for safety scampering
Shelters were shattered by you, children crying
And miles and bridges in rumbles you left

You broke the addiction of Addicks
She spilled her waters that boats plied the watery roads
And the cars of Houston were submerged like submarine
Monuments were moved ashore by your rivers

Austin and Washington could not but answer your thunderous call
As compassion flurried from all of earth
Prayers and vigils from distant lands to strengthen
The gallantry of men and women on ground, lives to rescue

You have left a trail and a tale that will long be searched and told
Now you must go away and let alone
The city of my love that hosted my feet for four hours
When she admitted me to the nation that put her trust in God

You have done your part, now the people shall arise
Their bits to do with courage; and steel themselves
To turn the gory story that Harvey has told
To a tale of glory the world shall ever tell

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