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Friday, August 2, 2013

MIREX 2013: Open for submission

The 2013 Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX) submission system is now open!

In response to feedback at ISMIR 2012, this year we have a new task distribution strategy. Many members of the MIREX community have volunteered to lead evaluation of submissions.  The complete list of task leaders is available on the MIREX wiki ( Due to the proprietary nature of much of the data, the submission system, evaluation framework, and most of the datasets will continue to be hosted by IMIRSEL.


This year, we have a single deadline for all submissions.  Submissions for all tasks are due by:

        3 September 2013

Nota Bene: In the past we have been rather flexible about deadlines.  This year, however, we simply do not have the time flexibility, sorry.

Please, please, please, let's start getting those submissions made. The  sooner we have the code, the sooner we can start running the evaluations.

PS: If you have a slower running algorithm, help us help you by getting  your code in ASAP. Please do pay attention to runtime limits.


The EvalFest mailing list, <>, is our  primary point of communication. For personal questions, please contact  the MIREX 2013 Team at <>. All task captains will be included on the MIREX mailing lists.


More information about each MIREX 2013 task can be found at the above URL.


Please follow the instructions carefully. It is important that you read
(and understand) the submission instructions from top to bottom.

J. Stephen Downie on behalf of the MIREX 2013 Team

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